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Warranty policy

Here at Rofis, we believe in our products and are confident that you'll be happy with what you purchased. 

If your product(s) has any defect as the result of the materials, workmanship, or functionality, we want to make it right and hope our solution is a satisfaction to you. 

Within 15 days of purchase, if any defect occurs as a result of the materials, workmanship, or functionality, we will replace it and if needed a return is necessary for analyzing what problem it is to ensure this kind of problem won't happen again on the product.

Within 5 years of purchase, we will replace or repair it as long as the product is not working anymore because of the factory defects. This does not include obvious user wear or extreme damage.

After 5 years of purchase, return it to Rofis and we will repair it with the necessary fees involved like materials etc., but a free charge of labor.

The process to get covered by warranty

  • Order number/order proof
  • Photo or a short video of the defectives
  • Send an email to us at including mentioned above

  • Once confirmed, we'll send you a replacement and keep you informed.